A new wheelchair ramp for Ms. Smith

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ramp before

Before ramp

Ms. SmithIf there was ever a community that takes care of its people, it’s Maury county.  Ms. Smith lost both of her legs due to complications from diabetes.  I met with her in the rehab center as she was about to be released to come home.  We needed to have the ramp finished before she came home.  So, some great partnerships made it happen.

1) First Presbyterian Church brought Ms. Smith’s need to our attention,

2)  an anonymous donor contributed funds so that this could be done quickly,

3) Michael Bush, of Bush Home Repairs made sure he put the ramp on his priority list.

ramp under construction

Under construction

ramp and box

Michael Bush built new flower boxes for Ms. Smith at no charge!

This is is what happens when a community comes together – good things take place!