The Housing Coalition of South Central Tennessee provides multiple programs to establish quality affordable housing for elderly, low income, disabled, homeless and work force families of Maury, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Marshall and Giles Counties.
We use numerous housing alternatives to create, supply and maintain appropriate housing by rehabilitation, maintenance and restoration in transitional, rental and homeownership settings.

First Time Home Buyers

HCSCT is dedicated to providing home ownership opportunities for low income and work force families within our geographical boundaries. We do this by accessing numerous federal state and private programs that empower the non-profit, while helping communities rehabilitate neighborhoods to provide unique home ownership opportunities for our families. A lack of home ownership services in HCSCT’s geographical area makes this one of the primary focuses of the organization.
These opportunities for home ownership are created by rehabilitating existing houses and selling to low income families. HCSCT partners with the eligible, qualified family to choose the home they want. We purchase the home, obtain bids for rehabilitation work, oversee the renovation and ensure all inspections take place, then sell the house to the family at an affordable price.

First Time Home Buyers Class

We understand that first time homebuyers are often overwhelmed with the details of the homebuying process. Our First Time Homebuyer class will empower individuals and families with knowledge regarding obtaining, managing and sustaining home ownership. This class covers necessary topics such as the pros and cons of owning your own home, how to choose a lender, how to choose a real estate agent, the ins and outs of financing your home, what is involved in inspections and appraisals, maintaining your home, and more. This class is a requirment for most non-conventional loan programs (THDA, USDA). At the end of this class, you will receive a certificate of completion for you to take to your lender.

Owner Occupied Repair/Rehab

HCSCT seeks to establish owner occupied repair programs to return homes to decent, safe and sanitary conditions at little to no expense to low income families. This program does not currently exist within HCSCT’s geographical area and is currently another primary focus of the organization
Eligible families must provide documentation that proves ownership of their home.

Credit Counseling and Advanced Budgeting

Not quite ready for homeownership yet? Having good credit is important, but what if yours isn't so great? There are ways to improve your credit, and our THDA-certified Homebuyer Educator can work with you on your financial goals.